FSC mask data of reconstruct only job

Hi cryosparcteam,

I need using the masked FSC data to plot.But I can’t find the data in the .txt file.I want to know where can I find this?I also using the sharpen tool do that again,But I didn’t get the .txt file too.Can you give me some help?Thanks.


Hi ruirui,
It’s in the text files but you need to do some manipulation to make the fsc plot. Check out this post.

Sorry, I realize now you want this info for the reconstruct only job. That txt seems to only contain the fsc_nomask and wavenumber data, so you might want to consider splitting the particles from homo-refine job into half sets (csparc2star, then run relion subset selection using _rlnRandomSubset), running relion_reconstruct on resulting particle star files, then postprocess in relion or some other program that gives this data. I do not think you can run local resolution estimation through cryosparc for reconstruct only jobs or imported half maps.

Hi @wonderful,

In a future release, we’ll ensure that the reconstruct only job will output the masked FSC values in the text value. In the meantime, you can connect the output volume (and input mask) from the reconstruction job to the “Validation (FSC)” job, and run it with default parameters. This should produce a FSC plot/text file where the fsc_tightmask has the masked FSC curve.


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Good idea,thank you@mmclean.I forget that :laughing:

Thanks @user123,I thought I have known how to do that. :rofl: