FSC from Validation (FSC) and local resolution estimate job are not consistent

Validation (FSC) job reported resolution are 6.84 and auto-tighten 6.03. (0.143 threshold)
However same maps in Local resolution estimation jobs, in the global FSC step, reported resolution is 6.06 (0.5 threshold) and 6.10 (0.143 threshold).
then I run the Validation (FSC) job again just with the auto-tighten mask, the resolution changed to 5.99.
I’m confused which one should I trust…

I also noticed that with the same local resolution estimation job (just copied by clone job), it use different voxel(e.g. 44 voxels in one job but 42 voxels in the next job) it was connected with different global FSC resolution output, (6.99 to 6.93,respectively).

@Lltere Differences might be due to masks that are calculated during the various resolution estimation jobs. If there are FSC plots corresponding to the pairs of inconsistent numerical resolution estimates, please can you post them?

Thanks for your reply.
Here is the FSC validation job with “generate new FSC mask” and “optimize FSC mask” on

And Local resolution estimation with the output auto-tighten mask

FSC validation again with the output auto-tighten mask(from the first FSC validation job)

I’m not sure whether it is suitable for the setting of Mask near (A) :6, since my map resolution is lower than 6 A.
Best regards.