FSC Curve XML Format

Is there a way in cryoSPARC to download FSC curve in XML format after refinement job.

HI @pandeykk,

Currently the only download options for the FSC Curve from within cryoSPARC are png, pdf, and txt (download by clicking on the blue links above the image, shown below).
You might be able to download the txt version of the FSC Curve and manually convert that into an XML format that works for you.
Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 10.13.14 AM

Hi @pandeykk,

I wrote a bash script which converts the cryosparc FSC text file into an xml file compatible for upload to the emdb. You can find it in my git repository (https://github.com/simonfromm/miscEM). It is called fsc_cryosparc2_to_emdb-xml.sh. Let me know if you have issues running the script.



Hi Simon,
Thank you. I could use your script to prepare the XML file.

@pandeykk, FYI as of cryoSPARC v3.3, FSC plots are accompanied by an EMDB-friendly xml file: https://guide.cryosparc.com/processing-data/tutorials-and-case-studies/tutorial-emdb-friendly-xml-file-for-fsc-plots

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