From Restack output to star file for Relion processing?

Is it possible to use the output of a Restack job (which to my understanding only contain particle information for the particles used in a specified refinement), convert to star file format and run a 3D classification in Relion when the original motion corrected movies have been deleted in cryosparc? How would this be done? I used with the passthrough_particles.cs and restacked_particles.cs files, but am confused that the column “_rlnMicrographName” in the resulting star file still refers to the deleted motion corrected job.

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This is intended behaviour. Originating micrograph metadata is maintained and continues to be inherited regardless of whether the raw data exists. It won’t impact RELION’s ability to manipulate the particle image stacks in this instance because the averaged micrographs, since deleted, are superfluous. As point of illustration, it will become an issue if you attempt to perform e.g. a re-extraction job.