Flip gain for the micrographs

Hi everyone,
I an a new user of cryosparc and trying to understand it. I am wondering that, is there any way to know that whether the gained referenced micrographs need to have a flip gain in X or Y direction during importing movies?

You can process several movies while flipping the gain or not and look if there are mirrored pairs of artifacts on either side of the corrected micrograph. For example, say there is a hot spot on the top left of the camera with higher counts than average. If the Y-flip is not correct, then there will be a light spot in the top left, and a dark spot in the bottom right. Common artifacts look like small line segments or splotches. Typically one only needs to try no flip and flip in Y. You can also ask your facility manager if they already know the answer.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense to me.

that would be strange if at the facility they did not know the answer…