Firefox - Jittering when scrolled to bottom of log


When scrolled to the bottom of a log, or when looking at a log which as not yet created a full screen of output, the text jitters up and down by one line. This occurs in Firefox but not Chrome. The difference I can see is that Firefox has a “{circle arrows} Loading…” line pop in and out. This line is absent from the Chrome log.

I’ve got a recording I can send if you can’t recreate the issue.

Thank you!

Hi @posertinlab ,

Thank you for reporting! We’ve identified the issue and are working on a fix.

- Suhail

maybe related? seeing all jobs from today (home screen click green square) scrolling to bottom has jittering (jumping!) load screen - but this is also on Chrome.

strangely, clicking that little square then makes other functionality in the GUI permanently buggy until closing window entirely, not just refresh. Can’t see newly created jobs etc.

Hi all,

This should be fixed in v4.1.2, released January 23, 2023. Have you encountered this error since upgrading?

- Suhail