Filter by connectivity (feature request)


Often I would like to just view the parents and children of a selected job. Would it be possible to add a filter that hides everything except for the selected job(s), and jobs that are directly connected (parents/children, not clones)?

EDIT: It would also be great if filtered selections of jobs could be viewed with tree view - right now all jobs are shown even if a filter has been applied, and tree view on a large, complex workspace is rainbow spaghetti - not very interpretable - but if we could apply it to just the filtered jobs it could be really handy!



Seconding this! I spend a lot of time scrolling up and down to find which jobs are “highlighted” when I click their children


I also second this! This would make tracing pipelines better especially when the workspace contains alternative processing branches!

Thanks for the suggestion! This is a great idea and is on our list to implement.

- Suhail

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