Filament Tracer

I was wondering if I could get some help with the Filament tracer tool. In the last couple of samples I’ve tried to use it on it seems to miss a large number of my filaments. I’ve tried a couple of the parameters, but nothing I’ve tried seems to make the edge detection or filtering less aggressive in order to be able to get more of my filaments selected. I’m getting maybe about 10% of the filaments selected. Any suggestions/advice will be appreciated. Thanks so much

I’ve found filament autopicking less than optimal for any remotely difficult sample (i.e.: not TMV) in all of the processing programs if I’m honest. Cryolo is probably the best I’ve tried for a real hard case sample (which was horrible)… might be worth trying that?

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Topaz works very well (I haven’t used the filament fork of it that I believe Sjors created, but just regular topaz trained with a few manually picked mics works great)