Feature request: uid assignment for imported particles

I started to use particle uids which cryosparc created in picking jobs to identify particles. It is really handy when comparing particles. However, such information is lost when the particles are exported with pyem and re-imported back into cryosparc.

Is it possible to add option in the “Import Particles” job to refer to a particle extraction job such that the imported particles get back their uids?

@sunch Would this general approach work in your case?

Thank you! This is nice to know. I relied heavily on pyem to do the conversion. I will try this method out and posted the outcome later.

@wtempel I was able to take follow your general approach to merge the uid column into the exported dataset after some string slicing on the blob/path column. However, as far as I know, there is currently no mechanism to directly import a particle.cs file into cryosparc. And when I used the pyem to convert it to a star file, the restored uid column was being dropped again…

@wtempel if a uid column is in a starfile, would it be honored by the cryosparc import job?
@DanielAsarnow Is there a way to keep the uid column when using pyem to do cs to star conversion?

There’s a way, using the .csg files and “import particle sets.” It’s a little complicated, but if you do some sleuthing you can probably figure it out.