Feature Request: Stop button for preprocessing in Cryosparc Live

Can you implement a stop button for preprocessing in Cryosparc Live or is this feature somehow available?
I know that one can pause the whole processing pipeline but I would like to suggest a feature that only stops preprocessing and releases the reserved resources but allows a user to continue with 2D, ab-initio and 3D.


Hey @cbiertue

There is currently no button to stop preprocessing (yet), but you have two other options:
The first is to kill the preprocessing workers, which will release resources.
Navigate to the main cryoSPARC UI, go into the project/workspace where your session is, and kill the “cryoSPARC Live Worker”. Your results won’t be lost, and any incomplete exposures will be reprocessed the next time a worker comes back online.

The second way is to call the following API endpoint using the cryoSPARC RTP CLI.
cryosparcm rtpcli "pause_session_phase_one('P55', 'S2')"
The only difference between this and the above strategy is that this command will also turn off the file engine (no new exposures will be found until the next time you start the session again).