Feature request: Real-time saving of manual picker data


I just spent 6.5 hours manually curating picks from 1000+ micrographs in a Manual Picker job and then the job randomly crashed leaving me with nothing. This has happened to me many times before - I imagine others have had this same issue. Could a feature be added to auto-save to the disk picks from each micrograph after moving on to another micrograph in the Manual Picker job? This would save so many headaches.

Thank you,


Hi @alexjamesnoble ,

Thanks for the post and sorry you had to go through that :frowning:

We’ve created a to-do to enable auto-saving to the Manual Picker job.

- Suhail

Awesome! I think many will appreciate this feature =)


This would be great - it would also be great to have the total number of manual picks displayed somewhere, rather than just the number for each micrograph!

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