Feature request - crop particles

Would be nice to crop particles as part of the downsample pathway, rather than perform a new extraction.

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I also thought it would be nice to have this feature (paritcle cropping around a user-specified center.), when I was using 3DFlex Data Prep.

My particle images of a membrane protein are significantly off-centered because of their detergent micelle densities. So I want to crop the particles around the polypeptide center of mass. The particles are from RELION particle polishing, so cropping by re-extraction is not trivial.

You can crop now in downsample, though unfortunately not yet around a specified center (e.g. from volume alignment tools), only around the center of the box. I agree this would be useful, particularly when dealing with subparticles.

The only issue I can see is how to deal with particle centers near the edge of the box, where the new “cropped” box will protrude past the edge of the original box.