Feature request: archiving function (raw movies to bz2)


our standard workflow for pre-processing is based on MC2 alignment + gctf during data acquisition on-the-fly.
Recently I re-processed some data with patch-motion correction and patch ctf in cryosparc with surprisingly great improvements in resolution.
I therefore think about switching to cryosparc-based pre-processing right away.
Is there a way to start these processes bash/script-based?
Cryosparc live unfortunately seems not to read bz2 compressed movies, in contrast to the “normal” import function. In addition, manual bookkeeping, file transfer, clean-up etc. is essential.


Just realized that in the latest release you implemented import of bz2 compressed movies and patch correction in Live mode. Great job, thanks!

Could you imagine to introduce an archiving function (bz2) if raw movies are passed over to cryosparc?
That way I could let cryosparc directly screen on the camera storage and archive movies after pre-processing.

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