[Feature request] An environment variable to disable/enable import jobs for certain users

Hi Dear CryoSPARC,

Is it possible to set an environment variable for not allowing certain users to import movies or micrographs? i.e. not even to show Import type of jobs in the builder for those certain users. This can help preventing some users to even load some datasets themselves but only admin can do that, which allows stronger and stricter data managing

Thank you. Happy holidays.


I think the feature would be nice in terms of management. It would limit duplication of effort as well.

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Needs to be much finer-grained than that, or users would not be able to import custom masks for focussed refinements, etc.

Would need to be at the database level, as user environment variables are easy to change, and setting it on the CryoSPARC user would not have the desired effect, I think.

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Thanks @qitsweauca @abasle @rbs_sci for the suggestions and comments. We took note.