Extraction from Import micrographs

Hello all,

I used Cryosparc micrographs for denoising in JANNI, then imported them back into CS. However, when I tried to extract particles from imported JANN-denoised mics using particles from selected 2D classes, it failed (did not find any particles).
Is any way how I could run an extraction job for imported micrographs using CS particles coordinates? So far I didn’t see any solution of my problem at the forum.

Thank you for help,

I wouldn’t recommend extracting from denoised micrographs - this does not typically give good results in refinements. Having said that, it should be possible. Probably the easiest way is to convert your particle cs to a star file, edit the micgrograph paths to match the JANNI denoised mics, then reimport - then you should be able to extract.