Extracting Boxed Particles

Is there a way to extract box particles from selected 2D classes into a mrc stack?

use select 2D to select the desired class, convert to star using pyem, then use relion_stack_create to make the stack

I am using cryosparc v2.15.0.
I have recently collected a data set in super resolution mode (0.326 A/pixel).
I am planning to start processing data in cryosparc by extracting particles at 3/5 A/pixel to expedite the processing. Once I have my desired 2D classes, I would like to re-extract those particles with original 0.326 A/pixel. Could you please suggest if it is possible to do in cryosparc or not and if yes what should be my processing steps?
I have path motion corrected movies by f-cropping with 1/2 but the 2D classes afterwards look very weird. Any suggestion please what wrong I have done.

Thanks a lot in advance.

@Saif I think if you don’t apply f-cropping in the Patch Motion you can re-extract particles with original pixel size, just put your selected particles in a new Extract from Micrographs job. I also work with super resolution mode but I haven’t tried the f-cropping on Patch Motion. I know re-extracting works from selected subset of particles after 2D classification (Use fullsize images after refinement of rescaled particles)

@fernandesj I have tried without f-croping but it shows the “out of memory” error even if I use the options of reduced memory use. May I know please the setting of “Patch Mot Corr” that worked for you without f-croping.

@Saif I just run the default settings on Patch Motion with 2 GPU to parallelize and for final refinements I work with binned particles (2X)