"Extract from micrographs" Job doesn't end up

Hi everyone,

I tried twice to run the “Extract from micrographs” job with same inputs (2165 micrograhs and 160K particles). It seems that this job is already done based on the its event log, as shown in the following picture, but it still in the running status after about 8 hrs.

It is wired that I ran this job without issues except these two inputs. In addition, I don’t know if it is related to the fact that I updated the software to version 4.5.3 recenlty, which may have introduced some bugs I am unaware of.

Please help me find out what is happening, any help is highly appreciated.


@Jianming Please can you try, with otherwise same parameters and inputs,

  • an Extract From Micrographs job with the Number of GPUs to parallelize parameter set to 1
  • an Extract From Micrographs (CPU) job

and let us know if those jobs complete.

@wtempel, sorry for the late reply. Actually, it worked when I ran it the third time.

Thank you,