"Extract from micrographs" - Extraction box size (pix & A)

Dear CryoSparc-Team,

It would be nice to have the possibility to choose the “Extraction box size” in the “Extract from micrographs”-Job not only in pix, but as well in Angstrom.


I don’t know exactly which FFT algorithm CryoSPARC is using, but historically one of the reasons that box sizes are typically in pixels, is because you want to choose a box size that has a low number of prime factors, as it can dramatically speed up processing.

Check out this page for the speed effects of having a low prime factor box size:

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Thanks, that makes total sense.

yes, that’s the classical and I also use to pick my box size from that list. However, does anybody know if it still holds true that those are faster with the newer programs like CryoSparc?

yes. see wtempel comment here

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