Exposure curation only shows raw picks


The exposure curation job has an option to show particle picks, but this only shows the number of raw, initial picks, even if the particle input provided has had particles removed by 2D classification for example.

I think providing the option to also plot the “clean” particles would be useful. For example, I think a plot of initial vs final particle picks might be useful, to highlight those micrographs where a high percentage of initial picks are removed during cleanup (perhaps indicating that the micrograph in question is low quality).


seconded. This would be useful. The exposure curation tool seems like it could be very powerful if a few more features were to be added.

Hi @olibclarke and @orangeboomerang,

Thanks for your feedback - we’ve noted it down in our to-do for the next version of the exposure curation tool (in the works!).

To make tracking suggestions and additional feature requests easier, I’ve opened a new topic that you can reply to if you have anything else to add: Exposure Curation Suggestions and Feature Requests