Export particles to Relion, invert contrast

Hi all,

I exported particles (from homogenous refinement) to Relion, but it turns out the particles have inverted contrast (black on white). Could anyone please provide any tips to solve this problem?


Hi @ruiruigo,

You may need to use some Relion tools in this case - we are not too familiar with these but perhaps another user on this forum can chime in?

I think relion_image_handler with --multiply_constant -1 should do the trick to invert your particles, but haven’t tried this myself


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Hi Oli,

Thanks for your reply. I just which file should I apply the “relion_image_handle --multiply_constant -1” on?


Hi @apunjani

It turns out that invert contrast only happens when I use particles that have undergone local motion-correction.

the particle stack or stacks (mrcs)