Export/Import Motioncorrected job out of Live session

I have ran a cryosparc live 3.0 session and the motion correction and ctf estimation are completed successfully. I can see the output files (mrc and trajectory) in the corresponding folders. But the particle picking was not ideal and I would like to try out different methods. I understand that we can export the picked particles for further refinement. But I did not find a way to export/import these correct mrcs for further particle picking. I think such functionality is desirable since we don’t have to repeat motion correction and CTF estimation again, that costs time and duplication of space.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @jamon,

At any point you can export exposures or particles from a cryoSPARC Live session to use within cryoSPARC for additional processing - you can follow the instructions on our guide: https://guide.cryosparc.com/live/new-live-session-start-to-finish-guide#export-exposures-and-or-particles

- Suhail