Export FSC data for plot

Hi, where can I find the FSC data from the results of homogeneous refinement or Non-uniform refinement? I would like to plot the data with my other FSC data together. Thank you!

Hi @jianhaoc,

If you go to the final iteration plots in any refinement, you should be able to click on the blue button saying “[txt]” right above the FSC plot. This will download a raw text file of the FSC data which you can use for plotting.


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Thank you, Michael. But I find the first column is “wave_number”. How can I convert it into 1/resolution for x axis?

Hi @jianhaoc,

If you have the box size (N) and the pixel size (psize) in Å:

frequency = wave_number / (N * psize)

where frequency is in units of 1/Å


That works. Thank you!