Export from cryosparc to relion

I am encountering a similar problems again and again when I am trying to go between relion and cryosparc. I have some good ab initios generated in the cryosparc. I did the non uniform refinement. At this stage I want to move to relion to do 3D classifications. These particles I imported from relion. So I wanted to use the maksed refined map from cryosparc as reference to do the 3D classification. I got very starnge 3D classes in relion which doesn’t make any sense and no way related to what was my initial model. I wonder where things went wrong.


Hi, did you make a star file from the cryosparc refinement with all the particles you want to classify and also import that to relion as input to the 3D classification job?
If not, you need to do that and follow the guide here, starting at “Particles extracted outside of cryosparc.”