Excluding aligned movies by timestamp...possible bug?

Hiya all,

The live interface, overview tab has be AWESOME for cleaning up aligned frames.

However, I have found recently that I cannot exclude sets of movies by timestamp, which is super useful say if it turns out that one grid square was bad due to grid coating, or the microscope was filling mid multi-shot collection. Even for a simple case of setting the ‘thresholds’ to exclude the final few frames results in everything being rejected.

As a separate, but related request, is there also an easy way to write out a text list of excluded mics such that I can script their deletion?


Sorry for the delay getting back to you! Thanks for the post. We haven’t been able to reproduce this - could you please perform the following steps when you encounter this again:

  1. Open the browser console (right click → inspect element → ‘Console’ tab)
  2. Copy any error output you see (should be highlighted in red)

Additionally, if you could provide a screenshot, that would help us narrow down what the issue could be!

As for your other request, we will be adding in the exposure path to the table within the browse tab, which you should be able to filter and download a CSV of that can be ingested by a custom script.