Excessive DNS lookups created by cryoSPARC?


Could anyone share with their knowledge about how cryosparc manage DNS requirement on stand alone workstation? I received bug report from our network manager said that the workstation are generating excessive DNS requirement as later I found the issue is probably connect to cryosparc running. Any suggestion?



Hi @zjr,

If you’re running a standalone instance, you may run into a problem where the cryoSPARC worker processes try to lookup the master hostname quite often- this often raises flags for sys admins when they notice that a machine is trying to look itself up.

If you run tcpdump on your net 64 interface:

tcpdump -n -i <interface> port 53

You should see a bunch of lines showing the machine is trying to look up its own name. This indicates that the hostname of the machine might not be listed in its /etc/hosts file. To fix this, with sudo, edit the /etc/hosts/ file.

To confirm which address the processes are trying to lookup, find the CRYOSPARC_MASTER_HOSTNAME line after running cryosparcm status. Add this alias to the /etc/hosts/ file (example below).

Add your machine’s aliases next to the localhost line:
e.g.:	localhost cryosparcserver

Hi sarulthasan,

@stephan Thanks! the problem fixed.