Error: No space left on disk

Hi CryoSPACR folks,

We are running into a major issue now. The hard drive partitioned for /root is full resulting in CryoSPARC error which is IOError: [Errno 28] No space left on device: ‘/root/.cache/pycuda/compiler-cache-v1/26cd42a1cc4312efbb88404b03b02849.cubin’. I guess it is a common issue for CryoSPARC users. Any suggestion how to overcome this issue?


Hi @GuobinHu,

As per cryoSPARC’s documentation, it is not advised to run cryoSPARC using the root user. Also, it seems like you’re going to need to resize your root partition. This is well documented online. I hope this helps.


Thanks for your quick feedback! I’ll double check the documentation.