Error in 2D classification after importing particles

I am trying to import particles into cryosparc 3.1.0 from Relion 3.1 in order to perform 2D classification.

Following prevoius posts I succesfully imported from Relion the particles with and without linking to the motion corrected micrographs that I previously imported from Relion as well. However the 2D classification failed for both with the same error:

These are the logs for the importing jobs without and with linking:

Is there something I am missing when importing the particles?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @igor, can you please paste a screenshot of the “Inputs and Parameters” tab for this 2D Classification job, and make sure to expand the ‘particles’ input, like so:

Hi spunjani,

here is the input for the particles with linking

and this the one for the particles without linking


Hi @igor,

You need to run an extraction job first and run 2D classification on these particles.


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@igor, @jaremko’s suggestion is correct. The ‘particles.blob’ output group will be available if you extract the particles and then run 2D classification on that particles group.

Hi @jaremko and @spunjani ,

thanks for the quick response!

I did it and the 2D classification is running. Then I assumed I have to import the particles always linked to the micrographs in order to have ‘particles.location’ group and run the extraction job, right?