Error importing job into CS4.3 from v3.3.2 Live


I exported a particle stack from Live on a facility computer (v3.3.2), but when I attempt to import it on my workstation (v4.3+) I get an error saying “unable to locate exported job document (job.json)”.

It appears that there is no “job.json” created during export, only .cs & .csg files, as well as the raw data.

Is this due to an incompatibility between the two versions?


Please can you describe the steps you performed for this export, with reference to specific elements of the Live and/or regular CryoSPARC user interfaces.

Hi Wolfram,

It was in the Live interface, here:

This generates a folder in “exports”, which doesn’t contain a “job.json”. Should it? (without it import fails in 4.3+)

I will try find out from our team. In the meantime, would you like to try (I have not) Restack Particles from the Live Particle Export job, then export the Restack Particles job. Am I correctly assuming that you can access regular CryoSPARC on the v3.3.2 instance where you run Live?

No unfortunately - we don’t have access to the regular interface on the facility workstation.

It’s okay, in the meantime I got around it by converting the cs file to a star and then importing as a particle stack. Thanks!

I just confirmed with the team that a step in addition to Live Export Particles, such as export of the associated Live Particle Export job, is required.

In case you can run cli commands on the facility workstation, or can request a command to be run on your behalf, there is, for hypothetical Live Particle Export job J56 in hypothetical project P1234

cryosparcm cli "export_job('P1234', 'J56')"


Thanks Wolfram - that had actually already been done by the sysadmin, I forgot to explain. The resulting folder in exports (P4_J223_particles_selected) contains only matching .cs and .csg files, as well as an “S12” folder which contains links to the raw data (in this case extracted particle stacks).

It does not contain a “job.json” file, which CS4.3 seems to require.

@olibclarke If possible, please can you or the admin email us a compressed copy of cryosparc_master/run/command_core.log of the facility’s v3.3.2 instance. To help us associate the log with the correct forum topic, please include the topic’s URL in the email.

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DMed it to you, thanks Wolfram!

Could this be an exported result group (from export_output_result_group()) instead of a an exported job (export_job())? Did you try importing the csg file with an Import Result Group job?

I did not - I asked for the sysadmin to export the job, but it is possible he exported the result group… I will check

Confirmed, it seems it was a miscommunication, he used export result group. Apologies for the unnecessary confusion!