EPU/EER cs-Live import

Hi - We’re using EPU to acquire some data on a Krios, and I’m having an odd issue were I can see the Data folder in the file system, but when I navigate to that folder in cs-Live it doesn’t show? I’ve been using this for K3 data for a while now and never seen this before so I’m not sure if it’s an EPU issue or why I can’t seem to get to the data folder.

@hansenbry Is the Data folder visible when the cryoSPARC instance-owning user executes
ls -l inside GridSquare_13726354 on the cryoSPARC host?

I wasn’t able to see if via ls -l either. Turns out there is a caching in our file system on the linux system. We’ve opened a ticket with that provider. Thanks for the help