"Empty workspace" after accidental cleanup and re-attaching initial project

Dear cryosparc support,

A user of our managed cryosparc instance has accidentally triggered a “Cleanup project data” and then cleaned too much of job data than desired. After that, non of his jobs were showing any longer - the three workspaces appeared empty, although in the project overview page the job number was still > 0.

I then restored the entire project from the most recent filesystem backup by:

  • detaching the now-incomplete project
  • renaming the old project dir
  • rsyncing the complete backup of the project dir to the same location where it’s been before
  • attaching this as a new project

The detach and attach did not show any errors. The last messages I got when running the attach project are those:

2024-03-05 15:53:13,380 import_jobs          INFO     | Imported J99 into P100 in 0.36s...
2024-03-05 15:53:14,074 import_project_run   INFO     | Imported project from /cluster/project/locher/projects/CS-norm-nrf23/ as P100 in 469.10s
2024-03-05 15:53:14,075 dump_project         INFO     | Exporting project P100
2024-03-05 15:53:15,032 dump_project         INFO     | Exported project P100 to /cluster/project/locher/projects/CS-norm-nrf23/project.json in 0.96s

However, when trying to access the restored project, I still got the same issue as before: all 3 workspaces showing correctly on the project overview page:

But when navigating to one of the workspaces, it appears as “Empty workspace”, similar to when creating an empty workspace from scratch.

What other info could I pass to you to troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks for the help!

Please can you email us

  1. a (compressed) copy of the relevant cryosparc_master/run/command_core.log[.*] file
  2. a (compressed) copy of the relevant cryosparc_master/run/app.log[.*] file
  3. output of the command
    ls -al /cluster/project/locher/projects/CS-norm-nrf23/

Please select the correct versions (*.log, *.log.1, or *.log.2, etc.) of of the app and command_core log files that covers the time when you attached the project.
I will send you a direct message regarding with the email address where you. can send the information.

Thanks @richardw for sharing the log files with the Structura team. A colleague noticed an “authentication” error in one of the logs and suggests you (or the affected user) clear the browser cookies associated with the URL under which the CryoSPARC UI is accessed.
[edited 2024-03-19]

I’d find it highly unlikely that authentication errors could be blamed for the observed behavior, nor that browser cookies could influence this. I have tested this again and the behavior that I had described initially also shows up when I clear all my browser data and/or work in a private window. And I’m not getting any authentication related warnings, so I’m assuming this must have been some other user attempting to access the instance while I was running the project attachment process.

I’ve sent another, now very comprehensive email response, and hope that this helps to further narrow down the issue.