E-mail addresses should be treated as case-insensitive

I am new to CryoSPARC, and have just performed a successful installation of version 3.2.0. The system seems generally to be working correctly, but I very quickly ran into an issue with user logins: the login screen seems to require users to provide their e-mail addresses in the exact alphabetic case combination specified when the user was created. This is inconsistent with e-mail addresses being case-insensitive as far as e-mail services themselves are concerned.

That turned out to be a particular problem for us, because in practice we use a variety of case conventions for our institutional e-mail addresses. Some new users attempting to log in were unable to do so because they entered their e-mail addresses according to a different convention than the one I used when creating the accounts. It was not obvious what the nature of the problem was. Of course, once I figured out the issue, it was easy enough to work around, but it would be nice if the system did not present such a trap in the first place.

Hi @jbollinger,

Thanks for your suggestion, this is a great idea! I’ve noted this down on our to-do list.