Duplicate particles emerging after re-extraction

Hi everyone,

I have picked particles from my dataset using Topaz, adjusted the extraction radius to avoid the same particle being picked multiple times, and then also ran a remove duplicate particles job after the final extraction (the particles were binned 4X). At this point no duplicate particles were seen. However once I re-extracted the particles after filtering, one-fifth of the particles are now flagged as duplicates. My particles are close to each other, and I read in another thread that this may lead to alignments shifting and overlapping. Is there any way of avoiding this, or are these genuinely duplicates which I must remove from the dataset?

Likely genuine duplicates. The new extraction should print micrograph thumbnails with white circles, check for overlaps. Or use inspect picks. All tools for duplicate analysis are to help you get a single pick of each particle. Up to you to decide if it’s near neighbors or double picks

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Thanks, it didn’t occur to me to use inspect picks!