Drag-and-drop from card output view


The job cart in v4(beta) is great. However, I also often find myself building out jobs by cloning existing jobs and swapping out some of the inputs.

Would it be possible to leverage the new card output view to allow dragging and dropping of permissible inputs into a job being built?

Or if d-n-d is too cumbersome (e.g. with the shift key being held down), perhaps a designated button that transfers the input to the builder rather than the cart?

Alternatively, a way of transferring inputs already in the job cart to the builder tab when applicable to the jobtype?

(Unless this is already possible and I haven’t figured out how with my chaotic mashing of buttons.)


Hi @leetleyang ,

Thank you for the post, apologies for not responding earlier! We will make note of your suggestion as we optimize the job building workflow in CryoSPARC v4!

Please feel free to suggest any other improvements you’d like to see.

- Suhail