Download results from quick menu

Dear cryoSPARC devs,

i have a feature request.
For downloading results, currently one has to open each job, and select the respective result to be downloaded.

It would be nice, to add this to the context menu in the workspace, like this:

I am not sure, what’s the best way of implementing is. Maybe a submenu with all the possible results. Or just all results as a tar file, but this would make life slightly more comfortable.

Best Christian


I sort of asked for this already, but with more customisation…

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Ahh damn, didn’t see that (also didn’t search too thoroughly).

Than it’s on their record and this thread is basically obsolete.

Thanks for the information.

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Thanks both! This is definitely on our to-do list and we hope to include it in an upcoming release :slight_smile:

- Suhail