Download rescaled volumes?


I was wondering, would it be possible to include an option in a future version to download a modified version of the selected volume, resampled to a user-settable pixel size (or Nyquist res)?

This would be handy when on a slow connection, or when downloading intermediate results for entities with large box sizes (but where those large box sizes are unnecessary at the resolution attained at an intermediate step).


Actually you can do this right now using the sharpening tool - just leave the bfactor as zero and set the upsampling factor to 0.5 or any other fraction.

Thanks @apunjani - Ok I’ll try that!

Also re the sharpening tool - is it possible to use that on the half maps output at the end of refinement?

I’d like to sharpen them appropriately so I can use one half-map for refinement and the other for model-map FSC, otherwise I’ll just do it outside of cryoSPARC


No problem :slight_smile:

Right now you can’t actually use the sharpening job on the half maps… but thanks for pointing this out, it needs to be changed.


Actually @olibclarke you can use the sharpening job on half-maps (in a bit of a roundabout way):
you need to click the “copy path” link beside a half-map result, then use the Import tool to re-import that half-map as a structure result. Then you can select it and sharpen it.

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