Download all maps, Workspace tree view, particle intersection


Compared to other processing softwares, cryosparc is super convenient and fun to work with. However, I have a small wish list, which would make it even better!

  1. This was requested already a while ago, but it would be cool, if you could just download all maps from the current iteration in heterogenous refinement/ab-initio/3Dvar display.

  2. Also already requested, the tree view gets very messy after a while, because it shows all jobs of a project. Local tree views for each work space would be super useful!

  3. The particle intersection tool was very handy in several cases, to identify particles that are found in two different subsets. Also, i have used it already to take out bad particles from an initally larger data set. However, if the particles are not linked in Cryosparc directly, e.g. if you re-import particles using a different star file, but the same particles, this does not work anymore. Would it be possible to improve the intersect job, e.g. that it uses particle stack name/micrograph/coordinate information to compare particle sets?

  4. Although I got used to pyem, it would be veeeery cool to be able to convert to star files just within Cryosparc (:

Thanks a lot already!




Hi @slauer,

Thanks for the feedback, it is very much appreciated!

If I’m interpreting correctly, you can already do #2. Just navigate into a workspace and click the tree view icon - you’ll be shown the tree view for jobs in that workspace, not across the whole project:

As for your other requests, I’ve noted them all down and will keep you updated on them.