Does cryosparc run on OpenSUSE?

Dear all,
Is there any specific O.S Linux platform that we are intended to use for running cryosparc and other EM software smoothly. I have few problems running the cryosparc on Opensuse 15.0 version with correct installed libraries.

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What kind of problems do you have with the program? I recently got it to launch on 13.2 but haven’t used it enough to see if all features work correctly.

Hi @afrangaj

We had a few problems in running the CTFFind estimation in the cryosparc on OpenSUSE 15.0, see job posting CTFFind4 jobs fail. Based on my experience CentOS is the better OS for running cryosparc interface and also tested by developers.
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Thank you for the info, Eswar. I have considered switching to centOS as well but this may be enough to finally convince me. Hope you don’t run into any more issues with your new setup.