Documentation on the outputs generated in cryoSparc

As a relatively new user, I’m hoping someone can point me to a more complete discussion of the various outputs generated by different jobs in cryoSPARC? The axes on the graphical output are not labeled and it is not clear where the primary data is coming from for some of the outputs. Finally, I cannot identify a program to display the .cs file output from running the various routines? Any input here would be much appreciated.

Thanks. Neal.

Hi @mwaxham,

Thanks for your feedback! We’re currently in the process of re-creating our reference documentation- we’ll make sure plots for each job type are well explained. For the time being, are there any plots that you have questions about? We can help out in any way we can.
As for a viewer for .cs files, currently, the only way is to open the file up with numpy using Python. Theres a short section about this here:

This utility is also on our roadmap.