Displaying exported picks

My usual relion_display command isn’t working - all the picks seem to be stacked up in the upper left corner. Does anyone have a working relion_display command or know a work around to view imported picks in cryoSPARC? (Imported picks don’t have a pick_stats blob so inspect picks doesn’t work).

relion_display --coords Star/p458_j220_mcor2_pick.star --particle_radius 128 --scale 1 --lowpass 20 --highpass 300 --angpix 0.843  --pick --sigma_contrast 3 --i Micrographs/blah.mrc

I’d actually prefer anything to relion_display, it always has terrible, terrible ripples after any filtering.

I added disparticle.py to pyem. It will make a plot like this for the micrograph with the median number of particles, or a particular one if desired. (See --help text).

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