Display all job cards from all workspaces

Sometimes I get lost when I am looking for a particular job. I am aware of the search function in the lower-left corner, but sometimes that is not convenient and I would like to be able to display all the jobs in the entire project irrespectively which workspace they belong to. Is this possible? If not, I wish you could implement it.

Hi @daniel.s.d.larsson,

Thanks for the post. You can view all jobs within a project regardless of workspace by right-clicking on a project card and clicking on the view jobs menu item:

Alternatively you can select a project and within the statistics panel shown in the sidebar, click on the view button next to ‘Total Jobs’. You can also select a job status or job type to filter down the list further (or use the filter bar when in the cards view):

- Suhail

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Thank you! That is the solution to my question.