Disable watching for new files with cryoSPARC live

Hello community
How do I disable cryoSPARC live from watching for new files? Here is why I ask: After the *.tif files are processed, resources are being used to wait for new files. If I want to Start Streaming 2D classification, the resources are tied up. I have found a workaround by going the the activities box and killing the jobs. This helps the 2D classification job to move to the top of the queue and run, but the killed jobs just resurrect. Which means I’ll have the same problem when I try the next step, the Ab-initio reconstruction. What am I missing?


Assuming you’ve assigned as many preprocessing workers as there are GPUs in the given lane, if you wish to start/resume a 2D classification or reconstruction process, you first have to free a GPU. You can do this by pausing the session and changing the number of preprocessing workers in the configuration panel. AFAIK, CSLive doesn’t do this on its own.


New Live Session: Configuration Section

It’s possible to adjust the number of GPU workers allocated for the preprocessing stage throughout the lifecycle of the session. For example, at the start of the session, you can allocate four GPUs to quickly extract particles from exposures, then lower the number of workers to two or one when resources are needed for the reconstruction stage.

@aapeters The workaround you are describing is, to my knowledge, the currently least disruptive circumvention of the documented hardware prerequisites. Nevertheless, it is expected that the killed jobs would not respawn until a paused session is resumed.

Got it, thank you, for both responses!