Detach & archive

Hi -

I just made a new installation of Cryosparc 4.4 and did some tests following

to attach / archive. According to the guide, the projects should show a tag saying they are “detached” or “archived” but in my case, the project just disappears from the list of projects. Any idea why this would happen?


Did you add a filter to show detached?

In my opinion, this is contrary to how filters behave for most of the internet. The default behavior is to show all data and then the user applies filters to remove unwanted data. Apparently in cryosparc filters are used in the opposite way.

Hi @ncoudray ,

Thanks for pointing this out - originally archived and detached projects were shown by default but due to user feedback we have since changed this so that you need to enable a filter to view either detached or archived projects. This helps to reduce clutter when project archival/detachment is a common action due to particular hosting configurations (such as LusreFSX-backed storage when operating on AWS).


We’ll update the guide to reflect this change.

- Suhail

Ah, thank you Francis & Suhail - Indeed, I didn’t know where to switch that filter.

Actually, there is something else not 100% clear to me:
When a project is archived, I can indeed see if and retrieve it by “un-archiving” it.
However, for a “detached” project, although I can see it in the filter, it looks like there is no option to "re-attach it. The only thing I can do is delete it from the database. It looks like if I want to re-attach, I have to just “attach” is as a new project, which will create a new project ID but will not re-activate the one “detached” previously. Is that correct, or is there a way to re-attach “properly”?

This is correct. If you are interested in preserving the project UID, please work with the archive-unarchive sequence.