Deleting or disabling users

Hi all,

We have had some people leave a lab and I wanted to cleanup the users so only active lab members were shown in the User Management page but several of them still own cryoSPARC projects.

I was wondering what would happen if I deleted a user that still had cryoSPARC projects? I’d expect the projects to remain unchanged but probably the information about who created the project and jobs would be lost? I’d also expect that any user marked as Admin would still be able to view and share those affected projects, would I be correct?

Is there a better way to handle this? Is there a way to disable a user so we do not lose accounting data?

We recommend against deletion of inactive users, as there deletion may lead to loss of metadata.
We noted down UI-based user deactivation as a feature request.
To disable access for an inactive user, you could

  1. request a password reset for the inactive user, then
  2. under a CryoSPARC admin login, retrieve the inactive user’s reset token, then
  3. using the reset token, change the inactive user’s password

Thank you for getting back to me. That’s sort of what I thought I may need to do and thank you for adding the feature request.