Deleting import movies job


I am processing some large datasets on a workstation where my lab currently has access to total of 8TB space. I have imported movies and done motion correction/ctf estimation and am proceeding the next steps. I was wondering if it is okay to delete the “import movies jobs” once they have been motion corrected (just to clear more space out), without affecting any of the downstream processing jobs. (I understand that if I wanted to try different motion correction programs down the road I would need the import movies jobs to be available but for everything else it seems to me that it would not be necessary to have the “import movies” jobs still there. Is this correct?)


You can take a look at the import job directory. The “imported” folder should contain only symbolic links, which do not take much space. After confirming that, you can safely remove the folder/drive that contains the actual movie files while leaving the import job intact. When you want to process the movies again, you can put the movies back at the same location or put another symbolic link at that location pointing to the new movie folder. As long as the symbolic links turn back to green/cyan(ubuntu) all the movies will work in your project as before.

Deleting the job will cause you to lose all the UIDs associated with the movies.