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I just accidentally deleted a whole workspace with several completed jobs, thinking I was deleting only a particular job. My fault, I know, and thankfully it was just a small test dataset I was playing with. Apparently the data from these jobs are gone for good so I don’t expect to recover it. But if possible I’d like to suggest that the interface for manipulating workspaces (and projects) be not so similar to the job manipulation tools (the buttons for delete, clone, etc). Or at least asking for extra extra confirmation when trying to delete things larger than a single job, like workspaces and projects.
Hopefully this would prevent others from making the same mistake :slight_smile:


Hi @rdrighetto,

There should be two different confirmations when deleting non-empty workspaces and projects. The first, confirming if you’d like to delete the workspace or project, and the second showing you a list of jobs that will be deleted from the workspace or project /disassociated with the workspace. Which version of cryoSPARC are you running?

Hi @stephan,

I am running v2.2.0. I don’t remember receiving this second confirmation showing all the jobs that were going to be deleted. But also can’t say it didn’t happen. Lesson learned, anyway. Thanks for replying!

Me too, LOL. It is a small and young workspace too so just a good lesson to me.

But, it IS really easy to get confused! The ‘delete workspace’ button is at about same position as ‘delete job’ and what’s get deleted is based on if the previous mouse click has successfully landed on a job button.

(Guilty: I do not read confirmation message as a habit - even if it appears five times. The more times it appears the less I would read it LOL. Make user type a password for ‘big decisions’? -Just kidding. Wait, probably not a bad idea…)

I have made the same mistake and sadly deleted the entire workspace instead of a single job! I really had gotten some good results and I was eager to carry on with my processing. Is there anyway to restore/recover the deleted projects in workspace? I’m using v2.4.6.

It would be much better if there was a Trash system IMO as many other programs use - in my experience this is much less susceptible to such mistakes (because the deletion and actual removal are separated in time - you can’t just click click and have your data gone)



Seriously, even for a single job, it’s hard to believe there is no trash/undo system. It’s happened to me a couple of times that I deleted a job next to what I was actually planning to delete, just because the focus of the mouse changed or some other stupid reason.

Hi @rbehrouzi and @olibclarke,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will add the ability to restore items from the ‘trash’ in an upcoming update. However, at some point there needs to be a way for the user to actually remove a job and its data.

In the current version, there is a confirmation dialog you need to click through in order to delete the job.

- Suhail

Hi @sdawood - sounds good - yes a trash with the possibility of both emptying and restoring would be good!

Also while there is a confirmation dialog, this is not enough for important jobs IMO - it is too easy when cleaning up multiple jobs to click through it and then realize you were deleting a different job than you thought. A trash system (and a cleanup tool!) are essential.


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Hi there,
I agree. I just deleted a whole workspace instead of deleting a single job. Not even sure how it happened.
please install a trash like in Relion!

I have spoken to several users who have accidentally deleted jobs or workspaces, usually because they got confused and thought they were deleting a different item - would be great to have a trash system to avoid this.



The trashing system is being worked on, it should be released soon!


@stephan, how is the trashing system coming along? I just deleted a job by mistake. I though that I was deleting the job I was building, but actually it was the one I intended to grep the imputes from :frowning:

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Hi @stephan, is there an update on the trashing system? We recently had a clean up of our nodes and did not realize that would delete all the jobs and workspaces. Is there a way we can recovery the workspaces and jobs? Thanks!

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Dear @stephan,
Is there an update on the trashing system? Has this been implemented yet?

Hi all, unfortunately we haven’t implemented a trashing system yet. We do plan to do so, it’s on our roadmap. Thanks