Delete excluded particles and templates

Please, how can I safely and permanently delete the particles_excluded and templates_excluded following a 2D classification job, in order to free up space in the hard drive?
Many thanks in advance,

Hi @ALBA, you can do this in part with the Downsample Particles job:

  1. Create a new Downsample Particles job
  2. Drag the particles_selected output from the Select 2D job into the particles slot in the job builder
  3. Leave all other parameters blank (this means the accepted particles images get rewritten to a different location on disk without actually downsampling)
  4. Queue and run the job. Wait until Complete

One last step: cryoSPARC stores the extracted particles (including the ones used by 2D Classification) in the Job directory of the Extract Particles, Manual Picker or Import Particles job that originally created these particles. Clear this job to delete all those particles from disk and retain only the ones in the completed Downsample job.

Unfortunately there is no straightforward way to delete rejected templates in cryoSPARC other than clearing the 2D Classification job used to create them (this deletes accepted and rejected templates). Fortunately, these take up at most only a few MB of disk space (compared to extracted particles which could take hundreds of GB).

Hope that helps,