Default node assignment for compute resources


In CryoSPARC Live -> configuration tab -> compute resource: There are three lanes: Preprocessing, Reconstruction and Aux. How do I re-assign default worker/node with correct SSD choice to each lane?

I understand configuration profile can be saved for future use. But some users could still forget to load the correct profile and proceed to start Live session with the wrong default worker/node assignment.

Thank you.

Hi @harry,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to set a default lane for each of the three lanes in cryoSPARC Live at the moment; it currently selects the first lane you have in cryoSPARC. Like you said, configuration profiles are the best way to have a specific setup saved. I will add this request (default lane assignment for cryoSPARC Live) to our issue tracker.

Just adding this would be a nice feature.

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