deepEMhancer wrapper in v4.0

Dear CS team,
It seems like there is no input field in the wrapper to take the mask in the current version. But there are some customized parameters that need the mask.

Hi @wxh180, you’re right that the wrapper doesn’t currently support a mask input, but it will be added in an upcoming patch. Thanks for pointing this out!

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Hi @wxh180, can you make a new topic about this issue? Thanks!

As of v4.0.1, the DeepEMhancer wrapper accepts input of a mask.

Also has a maximum volume input of 1, but I want to upload halfmaps were imported to Cryosparc individually. Can we allow (and utilize) two inputs? Will it recognize imported volumes or only those with cryosparc-generated metadata? thanks

I have used deepEMhancer with imported half maps.
You can drag and drop half map 1 and then use low level output to override the half map 2.
Somethin like they do here
Tutorial: Job Builder (≤v3.3) - CryoSPARC Guide

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thanks, works brilliantly.