DeepEMhancer results

Dear colleagues,

Does anyone have the result of DeepEMhancer looking like that?

I suspect the issue is in my installation.
I also tried the option with (Optional) Create a shell script.
But this one also finished with the following error -
AssertionError: Subprocess exited with status 126

Any ideas of what went wrong are welcome.

Thank you

@Dmitry You may want to inspect:

  1. the Event Log

    # substitute actual project and job IDs
    cryosparcm eventlog P912 J934


    • the deepemhancer command line (for use below)
    • potential hints at problems
  2. the Job Log (Metadata|Log)

    # substitute actual project and job IDs
    cryosparcm joblog P912 J934

    for problems

  3. the map created by deepemhancer when your replicate the command from the Event Log (see above) on the command line, outside CryoSPARC

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Hello @wtempel and all,

Actually, those problems seemed to be connected -
Nothing in the half-maps after refinement 2.0 - 3D Refinement - CryoSPARC Discuss

So when the half-maps are dusty and empty, one gets no results.

The question yet remains - why…?

Kind regards,