Custom workflow in job builder GUI


If I were to make a custom workflow script similar to the benchmark workflow one, would there be a way to get that to be a line item in the job builder section of the GUI where I could run the custom workflow just as the benchmark workflow? Would I be able to have a build and run script in a custom job type folder within “…/cryosparc_master/cryosparc_compute/jobs/” that would be read in with the appropriate job parameters?


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Did you check out recently released cryosparc-tools?

I have briefly. Will there be a tutorial that might lay out how to use the tools efficiently to create a workflow similar to the benchmark testing where you can build an initial job to load in all custom inputs and then build out a set of jobs that would call on those params as necessary when executing the other jobs?

Also, is there a tool to add a line item to the job builder list where you could build such a custom workflow and call it it from the normal cryosparc web interface?


Thank you for these suggestions. We are planning to add a workflow example to our tools website that you will be able to modify to suit any specific use case for your dataset(s). Currently it is not possible to add external jobs to the job builder of the CryoSPARC interface. Workflows constructed using cryosparc-tools can be triggered by running the script where they are defined via command line, but all jobs and outputs created are visible and usable from the web interface.